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PC - Installation Instruction

PC - Installation Instruction 

To Install Fuser, please follow the instruction below:


 1. Download the Game Launcher from the link

 2. Click the 'Install Steam Now' button to download the installer located in the upper right corner of Steam website.


3. Locate SteamSetUp.exe, right click and select Open.


4. Click 'Next' and follow the instructions to install the Steam client.


 5. You will be prompted to select a language. Select your language then click "Next"SteamSetUp2.JPG

 6. Choose the directory where you want to install Steam Client After that, click Install.


 7. Allow installation progress to be completed. 


 8. Press "Next" and allow Steam to install necessary Steam updates.


 9. You will be taken to Steam login screen. Input your login credentials and click 'Login'. Follow link, to create a new account.


 10. If you are trying to install Fuser from a pre-ordered digital copy, click the 'Games' menu on Steam and choose 'Activate a product on Steam...' and click 'Next'


11. Then you will be prompted by the Subscriber Agreement. Once you have finished reading, click ‘I Agree’ to continue.


 12. Input your product code and click 'Next'


 13. Once you have successfully applied your code, you will be prompted to install Fuser. Click 'Next' and wait for it to download completely.

 14. Once the download has been complete, go to your library, select Fuser and press the Play button, enjoy the game!

 Epic Games Launcher

 1. Download the game launcher from the link provided this link:


 2. Locate the downloaded Epic Launcher Installer. Right click on the file and select 'Install'. 


 3. Choose the directory where you want to install Epic Games Launcher After that, click Install.


4. Allow installation progress to be completed. 


 5. Press "Next" and allow Epic Games Launcher to install necessary updates.


 6. You will then be taken to the Epic Games Launcher login screen. Select your login method to Epic Games or select 'Sign Up' to create an account. You can also create your account in the link below:


7. If you are trying to install Fuser from a pre-ordered digital copy. Go to your Epic Games Launcher profile and select 'Redeem Code'.


 8. Input your Epic Games product code and select 'Redeem'


  9. Alternative way to redeem your code is to follow this link,

 10. After successfully redeeming your code, you may now install Fuser in your Epic Games Launcher library.

11. Wait for the Client to install the game

12. Select 'Play' and Enjoy Fuser!