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Which countries have FUSER available for sale on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC?

Fuser is available for sale in the following countries:

Steam Epic Games Xbox PlayStation Switch
Australia Australia Australia Argentina Australia
Austria Austria Austria Australia Austria
Belgium Belgium Belgium Bolivia Belgium
Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Canada
Canada Canada Canada Canada Denmark
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Chile Finland
Denmark Denmark Denmark Colombia France
Finland Finland Finland Costa Rica Germany
France France France Ecuador Ireland
Germany Germany Germany El Salvador Italy
Ireland Ireland Ireland France Mexico
Italy Italy Italy Germany Netherlands
Mexico Mexico Mexico Guatemala New Zealand
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Honduras Poland
New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand  Italy Portugal
Norway Norway Norway  Mexico Russian Federation
Poland Poland Poland  Nicaragua South Africa
Portugal Portugal Portugal  Panama Spain
Russian Federation Russian Federation Russian Federation  Paraguay Sweden
Spain Spain Spain  Peru Switzerland 
Sweden  Sweden  Sweden   Portugal  United Kingdom
Switzerland  Switzerland  Switzerland   Spain  United States
 United Kingdom  United Kingdom  United Kingdom  United Kingdom  
 United States  United States  United States  United States