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Scoring Tips

FUSER is a game of skill – the following tips will help you get 5-Star scores in the campaign and compete in Battles mode.



The key to high scores in FUSER is to time your actions perfectly.  Not only will well-timed drops sound better, but they can also be the difference between failing out and a 5-Star run.


The TIMELINE will help you figure out your beat timing by highlighting the best moments to drop your discs.  

PRO TIP: If you’re having trouble dropping discs, it may be that you need to calibrate your game. Access Calibration in the settings menu.



The Downbeat is the first beat of a measure – typically, the first beat of the song, or a new section.  Getting comfortable with your downbeat drops is the first key towards higher scores.



Pickups mark additional special moments where disc drops will sound extra cool: at the start of a distinctive vocal phrase or guitar lick.  Oftentimes these pickups are not on a Downbeat.  You can see pickups on the Timeline whenever you hover your cursor over a song.



Certain game modes of FUSER require you to meet specific GOALS as you play.  Completing Goals ensures you’ll keep your crowds entertained and help you earn top scores. 


In the Campaign, Goals are set by your promoter and are designed to help you keep the crowd engaged and entertained. 


Goals can be timed or untimed – Untimed goals show a symbol in the Goals panel.  Timed goals will tick down measure by measure.



Some Goals require specific types of discs to be placed on the Deck for a certain amount of time.  Pay attention! If you remove the disc before you’ve satisfied the Goal, you won’t get credit.


Some Goals require you to drop discs at exactly the right time.  Practice your timing to accomplish these Goals.




As you play FUSER, your crowds will often make requests as you play. Keep your audience entertained and engaged by fulfilling these requests whenever you can.


PRO TIP: Earn a combo bonus any time you fulfil multiple requests with a single disc drop.


The Crowd Meter reflects your relationship with your audience.  The best way to keep the crowd happy is to satisfy Goals with perfect timing while making sure your mix stays fresh. If the Crowd Meter runs out, you’ll lose.


The secret to every DJ’s success is being able to keep your mixes fresh. Evolve your sound over time by dropping new discs in time with the music. If your mix goes stale, your crowd meter will plummet and you’ll eventually fail.