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Co-op Freestyle


Join a live show as a player or viewer and get matched with other FUSER players in your region. Start a private show and invite your friends and followers.

Playing in the Freestyle Show gives you a chance to showcase your mix and be labeled to have the Hottest Mix after a performance.




In Freestyle Show, each Performer will have their turn to showcase their mix, while the other players watching will send song requests to the one currently performing. 


Each performance is timed, when the time runs out you will become a viewer that can send song requests while the other performer takes the set.




You will have your chance to request a song either after you play your mix or before you play your mix.

To request a song, select the 'Make a Request' button to open the request window. You will be able to request either the title of the song, decade, genre or any type of a disc.


Just like being a performer, each turn of making a request also comes with a timer, if the timer runs out before you select 'Submit Request' the current performer will not receive a request from you.


Your request will appear above the timeline as if its a crowd request.




From the lobby, you can invite other players from your Friends List and from your Followers.


Each player can opt to choose between being a Viewer or a Performer, and each lobby can accommodate up to 4 Performers and 8 Viewers.



Watching a Freestyle Show as a viewer gives you a chance to learn and observe other performers. Viewers can also send song requests to the ones performing in the session.



Private show allows you to create an exclusive session with your friends and followers through invitations.

The host can choose to kick a player or promote one to be the host.