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Player vs Player

Battles allow you to compete 1v1 with players within your rank to earn exclusive rewards and special recognition as you raise your rank. 


During your novice rank, Crate Customization is disabled and will only become available once you have reached Novice rank 5.


In Battles you will compete 1v1 with another player in your rank for control of the mix.



To control the mix, play a strong disc. Your drop timing is very crucial in this stage. The strength of each disc is determined by how well it matches the crowd's requests. Watch the timeline and drop perfectly on a downbeat, phrase, or pickup.


PRO Tip: Patience is one of the keys to winning a Battle. Try waiting for chances to combine multiple bonuses in a single drop.


A downbeat is the first beat of a bar. A phrase occurs every 4th downbeat. A pickup is a key moment to play a disc.drop.png


Each time the attack timer fills, all discs attack! If your discs are stronger, your rival will lose energy.



When two rival discs face-off, the stronger disc ejects the weaker one from the mix.



If you time your drop poorly, your disc will become strengthless.



Once you've dropped a disc, it's locked in place until its strength drains. Once again, patience is the key to winning a Battle.



New discs are stronger than the discs you've played before. Keeping your mix fresh will help you win a battle too. Repeated discs will be weakened.



However, there are cases that weakened discs could still win depending on the timing of your drop.


When you lose energy, your Power Drop ability charges. When it's fully charged, you can unleash a four-disc drop. To do a Power Drop, press 'Space' on PC (controls vary on different platforms).


You win the round when your opponent is out of energy. Each Battle has two rounds, win the two rounds to win the Battle, and climb the Battle Ladder to earn rewards.


Battle statistics will be displayed after declaring the winner.



Casual Battle

Casual Battles are similar to Ranked Battles, except the outcome for the Battle will not affect your Battle Rank.

You will still earn XP rewards and Tokens whether you win or lose a Casual Battle.


Rank Progress

Win ranked matches to climb the Battle Ladder. As you progress, you will earn exclusive rewards and get a chance to receive worldwide recognition.


There are 6 tiers in the Battle Ladder, each tier has 10 sets of ranks that require a crown that can be acquired from winning a Battle.


Filling your current rank with Crown(s) will increase your rank progress and move you to the next tier as well as unlock rewards.mceclip0.png


Crowns required may vary depending on your current tier. Novice tier only requires 1 Crown per rank while other ranks require 2 Crowns to proceed to the next rank.