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FUSER v1.2 Patch Notes

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve updated FUSER with some much-requested changes to Co-op Freestyle and new holiday content. Here are the highlights:

  • Co-op Freestyle Settings – We’ve added the ability to configure invite coop freestyle matches, with options for length of round and also the number of rounds before you return to the lobby
  • Holiday themed crowd FX – Deck out your stage with 4 free Stage FX
  • Added HDR support for PC
  • Switch legibility improvements
  • Fixed issues with calibration
  • Fixed issue where the Party screen doesn’t update during a MP session
  • Fixed issues with Battles rank
  • Fixed resolution issues with album art and other DLC
  • Fixed Multiplayer issue where we were displaying incorrect number for requests, snapshots and rhythmoji
  • Fixed issue where Steam achievement progress wasn’t correctly displayed
  • Fixed issue where requests couldn’t be fulfilled
  • Fixed PC crash in Cherry Dip’d venue
  • Fixed visual bug with Max Level display
  • Fixed crash when toggling FX
  • Fixed hitches when entering the social menu
  • Fixed unlock issue with Crate selection in battles mode
  • Fixed issue with video recording where the intro would be inaudible if all discs were on deck before the mix recording started
  • Fixed numerous character asset bugs
  • Fixed issue where crowd members would play the same animation
  • Fixed issue where public multiplayer sessions wouldn’t appear in the session browser
  • Framerate optimization across all platforms
  • Lots of other minor fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed MP connectivity issues for Xbox platforms
  • Fixed campaign issue where user would be unable to complete a campaign show if they had reached the snapshot limit
  • Fixed issue with the Echo Out effect