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FUSER "Best in the World" Tips & Tricks Guide


Becoming the “Best in the World” takes patience, timing, and above all else; tranquility. But what happens if you have all of that and still can’t quite make the final leap? Smash Mouth and Rick Astley can only take you so far! The following tips and tricks should help you hit 5 stars in each set, paving the way for you to become the ultimate DJ.

  • The first tip for any aspiring DJ is to make sure you are properly equipped with the correct tools. This involves calibrating your game to match your speed and timing. Even if you do not have the best timing in the world, this step will have a drastic impact on your performance. From the Main Menu, select the gear icon marked “Settings”.



  • Navigate to the “Audio” tab and select the option to “Calibrate”, highlighted in the picture below.


Remember when I mentioned the importance of “tranquility”? This will be your first opportunity to start practicing this state of mind. While calibrating audio, your goal is to press the corresponding button in time with a repeating audible chime. It is very important that you listen to the timing of the chime before you start tapping the button.

  • The audio will not start to calibrate until you start tapping the button, so make sure you have a good grasp of the chime timing before you begin tapping. Do not stress out about hitting each chime perfectly. Stay calm and find your own rhythm. Maintain your timing and continue tapping until the entire calibration bar has filled.



  • After completing Audio Calibration, the user will be taken to the Video Calibration screen. The goal of video calibration is to press the designated button in time with circles overlapping one another, filling in the inner circles as seen in the picture below.



  • Pressing the button while the circles are not overlapping as seen in the picture below will cause your timing to be out of sync during a performance.


  • Similar to Audio Calibration, the Video Calibration meter will not start to fill until you have tapped the button for the first time. Use this time to gain a comfortable grasp of the timing before you begin tapping the button. It is very important that during this phase of calibration, like audio calibration, is that you remain calm and tap the button with the timing you are comfortable with. If your timing is slightly off, it should be fine if you maintain that same timing throughout the calibration process and into actual performances.                                                                                      
  • Calibrating your game will have a major overall impact on your performance, and you will also be rewarded with an Achievement for taking the time to properly calibrate your set-up.



Move that cursor around a bit while you are in the Settings menu. Does it feel too fast? Too sluggish? Use this opportunity to adjust your cursor speed. The setting adjustment takes effect immediately so can continue to adjust until it feels comfortable to you.





Now that your kit is set up and ready to go, it is time to hit the stage! This section will teach you how to score maximum points to hit 5 stars on every mission.


  • Even though it is not strictly enforced for several missions, you should start practicing your drop timing. Fuser is all about timing and a DJ with poor timing will not have a very long career. While performing, you are encouraged to drop discs in time with the downbeat. You will be heavily rewarded with perfect timing and severely impacted by poor timing so you will want to use the early, easier missions to get comfortable with drop timing. The picture below shows the downbeat indicator which can be seen above the Deck as well as directly below the track. These indicators are identical so either can be used to assist you with drop timing. The arrows in the picture above point to the downbeat line. You want to drop all discs in time with this line. The timing of these drops is very important for your overall score.


  • When you have timed your drops successfully you will see the message pictured below above your deck. If your timing is off, the game will help guide you back to the correct timing by informing you if you were “late” or” early”. Make adjustments to the timing of your drops based on this feedback.


Fuser is not just about timing. You also need to keep the fans and the promoters happy. You can do this by completing objectives and meeting fan requests.

  • Beginning with the first mission you will be expected to complete objectives. If you wish to earn 5 stars in any given mission you must successfully complete ALL mission objectives.


  • You will also need to keep your fans happy. They will yell out requests and its your job to play what they ask for. Meeting these requests will reward bonus points, which are necessary to achieve 5-stars. It is important to note that you will always have a track that will meet a fan request. These requests are dynamic and update based on the selected songs in your own crate. You will always have the right tool for the job!


  • Experienced DJ’s will be able to meet multiple requests with a single track. If you have more than 1 fan request simultaneously it is very important that you drop only 1 disc to satisfy both requests. Doing this will earn a “Combo” bonus, which is critical in earning 5 stars. It is important to note that these requests are always dynamic and update based on your selected crate. You will always have a single disc that can meet both requests!


The final step in mastering each mission and becoming the “Best in the World” is managing your Crowd Meter and the corresponding bonus received from that meter.

  • Once you have a visible Crowd Meter you will need to properly manage it. To do this, you will need to fill the meter with perfectly timed drops. Drops that are perfectly timed will fill the meter while poorly timed drops will reduce the meter.



  • This ebb and flow of the crowd meter is extremely important due to the fact that at the end of each timed segment, you are rewarded for how full the meter is at that given time. To earn 5 stars, you want to receive the maximum bonus each time this is awarded. To accomplish this, you want to drop as many tracks as possible, in time with the downbeat, prior to the first segment ending and the first bonus being awarded. Once the meter is full, you simply need to maintain the meter by continuing to drop discs in time with the downbeat. Note that you can drop too many discs in too short of a time period and can be penalized. The game will warn you if and when you have done this. You want to maintain a balance of quick dropping without becoming overactive.


  • Finally, just like with any game, practice. The more time you spend with the game, the better you will be, and the easier it will be to achieve 5 stars on every mission.


Congratulations on being the best DJ in the world!