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FUSER Live Set Events

Live Set Events is a new feature introduced in version 1.3 that offers a new re-playable Set for you to compete on leaderboards and earn special rewards. These Sets will offer specially curated themed crates with a few extra custom slots as well as additional challenges.

Live Set Events are only available for a limited time but can be attempted as long as they are still active to try and earn all the rewards and high scores. Rewards will be given at different point thresholds so continue to attempt the Set until you can redeem all of the rewards! 



Live Set Events will be available through the Social Tab. The picture above shows the Live Set Event homepage. Here you can find the top leaderboard, your highest current score and rank, your progress towards each of the available rewards, and finally access to play the Event. 



These sets will offer unique challenges for players to overcome such as single-use discs and discs that expire after a set bar length. The challenges will differ with each Live Set Event. 




During the Set, you will see the unique challenges on the bottom left of your screen. Be aware of these as you play as you will need to keep these in mind if you want to get a high score!